The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure BeginsThe Adventure BeginsThe Adventure Begins

Share Your Goals for Creating a More Simple Life with me!

Me, In a Nutshell

Simply Me


Hello Friends!

I'm so happy you have joined me in my little corner of the internet. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about the new hope of this new space. Maybe I'll stick around here for awhile. ;) As most of you know, my name is Anna. I'm happily married to my best friend, John and we have 3 beautiful children: Declan-6, Poppy Joy (our angel baby) and Rosalee (our rainbow baby due in July!!) We also have 4 fur babies: Sophie, Sasha, Silas and Quinnie. We definitely enjoy a full house. With such a full life, it's easy to get bogged down in the muddle and mess of things, but it's my firm hope to help and encourage you that a simpler life is possible. So grab your preferred drink of choice and join me with family updates, recipes, and hopefully, encouragement on your simple living journey. xoxo, Anna



Homeschooling is a big part of our journey. I have learned so much already! I'm excited about documenting even more of our progress here. D will be entering First Grade this Fall and is an absolute joy to teach! 

Simple Living Check-In


How are you keeping things simple this week? Join me for a weekly/bi-weekly check-in to help one another stay on track with our simplicity goals. You can run this race at whatever pace you need to. Your only competition is your former self. <3